Warriors Academy MMA Programs

Warriors Academy KC MMA

MMA is often referred to as a “hybrid” sport because it utilizes many different techniques from many different forms of martial arts – primarily wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, and Karate. In Warriors Academy’s MMA classes, students will master a wide range of kicks, strikes, chokes, takedowns, holds, and submission techniques. We are committed to keeping our athletes safe, maintaining martial arts values, respecting and honoring opponents, and creating highly skilled martial artists.

Warriors Academy KC Adult Kickboxing

If you’re looking to spice up your basic workout routine, look no further. The benefits of kickboxing are endless. Kickboxing is a combat (or fighting) sport that is performed standing up. This form of martial arts originates from karate, also picking up influences from Muay Thai and boxing. Whether you dream of becoming the next WKA champion, want to find an alternative to your gym membership or are looking for a new method of self-defense, we have the perfect class for you.

Warriors Academy KC Kids Kickboxing

Kickboxing isn’t just for adults. In fact, it’s the perfect activity for kids! Keep your kid happy, healthy, and engaged with Kids Kickboxing! While sports like soccer or volleyball are certainly good for you, they don’t offer nearly the same level of physical benefits. Kickboxing requires kids to use just about every muscle in their body. This provides an amazing form of cardio that is sure to build your child’s strength, coordination, balance, and stamina.

Warriors Academy KC No-Gi Jiu Jitsu

While many sports increase athleticism and keep you in shape, none offer real-world skills like BJJ does. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a combat sport characterized by grappling and ground fighting. It pushes its practitioners to learn a wide variety of new techniques, put their endurance to the test, think on their feet, and build mental toughness. Thanks to all of these features, it is the ideal sport for self-defense.

Warriors Academy KC Boxing

Boxing has become one of the most well-known forms of martial arts of all time. Characterized by padded gloves and intense blows, it’s no surprise that boxing has taken center stage in the athletic world.  At Warriors Academy MMA, our boxing classes are taught in an encouraging, safe, and rigorous environment. Our instructors are prepared to teach you at any level – whether it’s your first time putting on gloves or you’ve already won several titles. Boxing is the perfect way to get in shape, relieve stress, and build a level of confidence that you’ve never had before.

Warriors Academy KC Wrestling

Whatever martial art you may practice, our adult wrestling class is the perfect addition to your training routine. This course teaches basic grappling movements such as throws, takedowns, and pins. The techniques behind wrestling are found throughout many different martial arts, so it’s no surprise that athletes with a solid base in wrestling bring unique advantages and attitudes to the martial arts.

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