Women’s Self Defense Program

At Warriors Academy KC

Warriors Academy KC is committed to empowering women by teaching them physical skills and mindset they can use both in emergencies and in daily life.

There are numerous ways women are uniquely challenged when it comes to safety. Our Women’s Self Defense Program is an opportunity for women to learn and train physical and awareness skills in an all-female class, lead by female instructors, Megan Gallant and Danielle Coyne. This program allows you to find your aggression and intensity, understand and strengthen your body, learn situational awareness, and participate in a supportive female community.

Women of all fitness levels, backgrounds, and adult ages are welcome. We recognize that self defense training can feel intimidating, especially if you have experienced a past trauma. Our women’s program is a safe space to confront some of that fear and uncertainty, knowing you can step up to the edge of your comfort zone and step back as is right for you. We’re here to help you grow and find your power, from wherever you’re at.


We offer a one-time week pass for $25, giving you access to three classes of your choosing, or a one-time $10 pass for a single class in the Women’s Self Defense Program. This is a great way to experience training and see what membership has to offer! Passes can be purchased online or in-person at our academy.